Handmade Felt Meditation Cushion

It is possible to make your own meditation cushion! I purchased colorful felt from Fukushi-center in town and stuffed it with a small pillow. It is washable and removable as well. During asana, this cushion makes difficult yoga positions more achievable. When you take a sitting position during meditation, this cushion elevates the rear and… Continue reading Handmade Felt Meditation Cushion

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What is Chika Yoga?

What is Chika Yoga? My name is Chika Shimizu (Ebihara). The kanji character for “Chika” means one thousand flowers. After I started practicing yoga, I began to familiarize myself with chakra, which are the very important energy points in the human body. One chakra is called the shahasrara chakra which means one thousand petals. After… Continue reading What is Chika Yoga?