Yoga Class Information


  • Yoga Mat: Free
  • Yoga Under-mats: Free

How to Pay

  • Most classes are donation based.
  • Please place donation in the small box by the entrance.
  • Donations go towards furthering your teacher’s yoga education, so it all ends up going back to making your classes that much better! 🙂
  • Some classes have a set price:

Private classes are ¥ 2000/90 min.

Yoga retreat IS  ¥ 5000/3 days

Massage Sessions Are ¥ 5000/60 min.

  • Islanders, do not forget your special discount!


  • While we usually do not offer transportation services, I may be able to give you a lift. Please message to inquire.
  • The best way to travel on the island is via bus. Please ask your hotel for a bus schedule.



  • It is best to do yoga on an empty stomach. That way, you can stretch your internal organs.
  • I would reccommend that you either eat a small meal at an early time or skip the meal and save it for later.
  • This is especially important if you plan to attend the Vinyasa Flow Yoga class.

What to Wear

  • It is good to wear fitted athletic wear to yoga classes. Wear comfortable clothing. Shorts, track pants, spats or gym tights and t-shirts or tank tops, and a towel.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable!
  • Jeans are not so great, while yoga pants or stretchy pants are better.
  • Please prepare appropriate clothing for the seasons (for example, long sleeved clothing during winter and buggy seasons, and breathable clothing & sunscreen during the summer).
  • When you do meditation, if you have a small pillow under your behind, it will make your posture really good. If you have such a pillow, please bring it.

Cellphone Etiquette

  • During yoga class please set your cellphone on silent or vibrate.
  • If you absolutely need to answer your phone during class, please step outside.


  • You are welcome to bring your kids or babies.
  • Just please be sure that they will remain quiet during the class so that everyone can practice yoga comfortably.
  • If the kids really want to do yoga you can join in, no matter their age!


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