Things to Consider When Doing Yoga

Although I believe that yoga cannot heal physical or mental diseases, I do believe that yoga can relieve stress that has built up in your body over time. If you keep doing yoga for a long time, you can become truer to yourself and begin to choose a life free of stress. By continually practicing yoga, you can become flexible in both body and mind and thus hone your ability to focus. Practicing yoga empowers your will to live a positive life full of light. Yoga help you develop a strong will and mentality to confront your ailments on your own.

In yoga class, please don’t overextend yourself. Your know your limits. If a yoga position is really hurting you, then please adjust your body so that you are more comfortable and still getting a stretch out of the position. Sometimes people’s egos are stronger than their physical ability and then they get injured because of their pride. That happens a lot. If you overstretch and rip a muscle, that will result in your not being able to do yoga for a long time. Please accept your level so that you don’t hurt yourself. This is a really important part of yoga.

If you have some sort of physical or mental ailment, please let me know. If you are pregnant, please let me know. There are some poses and breathing exercises that you shouldn’t do, so if you let me know then I can warn you ahead of time. Ladies, if you are having your period and it is an especially difficult day for you, then please refrain from doing yoga (especially Vinyasa Flow Yoga).Finally, on full moon and new moon days, it is best to do quiet yoga because those days are brimming with energy from the growth of the moon. On days such as those, it is good to counter such atmospheric energy with inner quietude.

Experience glorious Ogasawara sunsets after  you practice yoga.

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