Chika Massage

Meet your masseuse, Chika Shimizu.

While massage sessions can sooth sore muscles and leave the body feeling less stressed and more refreshed, massage is unable to solve the deeper problems that cause these ailments. Regular yoga practice can really help clear the mind and solve these deeper issues. What I can do as a massage therapist is to heal your body and restart your Ki, or physical energy, that flows throughout your body. When your Ki begins to flow smoothly again in your body, your energy levels will rise and you will feel reinvigorated. After a brief consultation, we will decide which kind of massage is best to heal your current condition.

I learned Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage, Raken-hou, and Yoga Massage. While I am new to the world of professional massage, I have been practicing masssage on friends and family for over a decade.


¥ 5000/60 minutes

Location: Home visits, the beach, or Pelan Village (Your choice)

(There is a islander discounter for Chichijima natives.)


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